Healthy Sugar Desserts

When I discovered the new healthy sugar –Erythritol– I got the idea that my delicious, high protein, sugar-free desserts could now become healthy dinner main dishes. You might ask yourself, ”Why would I want her recipes?” You can read my story here to learn why I became so interested in eating for health. The sweetness of Erythritol is slightly different from ordinary table sugar, so I experimented until these recipes all passed the taste test with my family and friends. (Please read HERE about Xylitol -another healthy sugar)

Just click the link below for the recipe:

Try one of these healthy recipes today!

Apple Crisp


Baked Custard


Carrot Cake


Fudgy Brownies


Chewy Chocolate Coconut No-Bake Cookies


High Protein Pancakes


Chocolate Chip Cookies


Chocolate Cream Pie


Chocolate “Ice Cream”


Cream Puffs or Chocolate Eclairs


Easy Cheese Cake


Guilt Free Chocolate Cake


Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies 


Pumpkin Pie


Sugar Free Chocolate Almond Bark


Lemon Squares


Sugar Free Coconut Macaroons


Healthy Sugar Desserts — 3 Comments

  1. I am so impressed that an 81 year old woman is developing these great recipes and is doing a web site! Hurrah! Hurrah! 80 is the NEW 60, right. Thank you for the great recipes.

  2. Thank you for this website, and for posting the recipes!  It’s a great service to others.

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